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Christmas Song of the Week: “Dear Santa” by Mr. Little Jeans

Not sure if this is an original or a cover, but “Dear Santa” by Mr. Little Jeans (a.k.a. Monica Birkenes) is a good addition to the Christmas canon.

Song of the Week: “Archie, Marry Me”

This week’s song is “Archie, Marry Me,” a bit of joyful power pop from the Toronto band Alvvays.  The song reminds me of Camera Obscura, which is never a bad thing, and I like the way vocalist Molly Rankin sings “Archie.”  She’s also descended from The Rankin Family, because everyone in Canada is related somehow.

Anyhow, enjoy this matrimonial proposal:

Song of the Week: “Burn Your Village to the Ground” by A Tribe Called Red

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Ottawa-based electronic powwow act A Tribe Called Red released the free track “Burn Your Village to the Ground.”

Song of the Week: “Lífsins Ólgusjór” by Samaris

Another week, another recommendation for an Icelandic rock band.  “Lífsins Ólgusjór”  by Samaris is inspired by 19th-century Icelandic poetry and laid over a reggae beat.  Check out their recently released second album Silkidranga for more.

Song of the Week: “The Sticks” by The Budos Band

The Budos Band is a 9-piece instrumental Afro-Soul ensemble from Staten Island.  Their new album is called Burnt Offering and includes the track “The Sticks.”

You can hear more by The Budos Band and other artists on the great music podcast The Sounds in My Head.

Song of the Week: “FUNKNROLL” by Prince

Prince released two new albums at the end of September, Art Official Age under his own name and with the band 3rdEyeGirl, Plectrum Electrum.  Both albums contain a version of the song “FUNKNROLL.”  While the version below is from Art Official Age, overall Plectrum Electrum is by far the better album.

Enjoy the groove.

Song of the Week: “Aztec Chant” (Tessela Remix) by Pev

This week I just feel like zoning out, and  have found the relentless rhythms of “Aztec Chant” (Tessela Remix) by Pev to be the ideal soundtrack.

I learned of this through NPR Music’s Recommended Dose who have an excellent playlist of October’s top dance tracks.


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