Movie Review: Roman Holiday (1953)

In 2019 I found some old Word documents with movie reviews I wrote back before I had a blog. I’m posting each review backdated to the day I wrote it.

TitleRoman Holiday
Release Date: August 27, 1953
Director: William Wyler
Production Company: Paramount Pictures

Its hard to write about this movie without comparing it to current-day movies, and shake one’s head and wonder why they can’t make movie like this anymore.  Of course, Hollywood has always been Hollywood, but at least in this one film they showed restraint.  They managed to make a movie that has romance, slapstick humor, and true drama without breaking the boundaries of believability in order to manipulate the movie.  And that’s what makes a viewer wonder how a similar film would be handled today.

I’m particularly fond of Audrey Hepburn how she carries the movie as a drugged-out women sleeping on a street to a youth enjoying the pleasures of ordinary life to the Princess with a statesmanlike demeanor.  I also enjoyed Irving the photographer and the barber who has to arrange her hair while dancing.

Rating: *****