Movie Review: Super Size Me (2004)

In 2019 I found some old Word documents with movie reviews I wrote back before I had a blog. I’m posting each review backdated to the day I wrote it.

Title: Super Size Me
Release Date: May 7, 2004
Director: Morgan Spurlock
Production Company: The Con

So everyone knows the premise: a documentary tracks the experiment of Morgan Spurlock who eats nothing but McDonald’s food – breakfast, lunch, & dinner – for one month, sampling every item on the menu at least once and supersizing whenever a McDonald’s employee asks him to. The problem is that once you’ve heard the premise, you know the whole movie.

I was really disapointed that with a few exceptions this documentary rarely veers away from watching its star eat Big Macs and getting sick. Maybe it had it’s effect in making some viewers evaluate their dining choices and for McDonald’s to introduce their healthy meals, but to the already converted like myself there wasn’t too much to learn from this movie. I really didn’t need to see Spurlock puking or a stomach surgery either.

Plus, Morgan Spurlock is funny but not funny enough to carry this movie. I do have a big old crush on his vegan chef girlfriend, Alexandra Jamieson, though. The DVD has a lot of extras that would have worked in the movie like all the trash he collected from buying at McDonald’s and an experiment where various foods are placed in jars to decompose over ten weeks, except the french fries which NEVER rot (scary!).

Rating: **1/2


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