At last, a first post!

Greetings! Welcome to Panorama of the Mountains.

I decided beginning with my 33rd birthday I would join the world of weblogs (I thought of calling this blog “Jesus Year” but decided that’s far too arrogant). Of course, my birthday passed two weeks ago and I’ve yet to post, probably because I wish to make a brilliant debut. Alas, the muse is not coaxing me toward a flashy entrance, but instead telling me to get the first post over with (and then bury it beneath a multitude of brilliant follow-up posts).

At any rate, there are many things encouraging me to start blogging. I’m a librarian and it seems that every hip librarian these days has her/his own blog. There are many blogs covering topics I’m interested in — faith, news, baseball, travel, photos, books — not to mention the political blogs that supposedly set the course for modern political collection. I have a hard time settling on just one topic, so I’ll just write on all these things until I find my focus. Thus, the “Panorama” of the title. The “of the mountains” part comes from an old nickname explained in detail on my much-neglected website.

As of today there are absolutely zero readers of this weblog, but if you stumble upon it, I invite you to pull up a seat, take a look at the view, and start a conversation.