Search Engines

I’m adding a new link to my blogroll: Search Engine Land, which as the name implies reviews and evaluates search engines.

This post is a good a place as any to link the numerous search engines, directories and indices I learned about in Candy Schwartz’s course and had to evaluate. It will be good to have the links in one handy spot.
BUBL Information Service
Digital Librarian
Humbul Humanities Hub
Internet Public Library
Librarians’ Internet Index
Ask MetaFilter
Open Directory Project
WWW Virtual Library

Addendum: Librarian’s Ultimate Guide to Search Engines

4 thoughts on “Search Engines

  1. Blind Search allows you to use multiple search engines and then do a blind evaluation of the results to see which is best without preconceived notions of the brands.

    Hunch asks 20 questions and then gives you recommendations of things you may like.

    BookSeer offers book recommendations based on a book you like, drawing results from Amazon and LibraryThing.


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