News: Discouraging and Encouraging

Rocco Palmo broke the news last night in Whispers in the Loggia that Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton was removed from his post at St. Leo’s Church in Detroit. The news was confirmed today in the National Catholic Reporter where Gumbleton regularly contributes “The Peace Pulpit” column. While Gumbleton is gracious in his quotes I suspect there is a political motivation of the type that plagues our Church behind the removal. The most interesting quote to me is Gumbleton’s commentary on clustering of parishes:

“I don’t think the church becomes most alive when parishes become mega-churches. I think smaller communities are much more vibrant and much more expressive of a community of disciples than big churches. [Big churches] become big service stations.”

In totally unrelated but more encouraging news, Streetsblog reports on a pedestrian safety initiative in Chicago which includes sting operations by police disguised as ordinary pedestrians.

Streetsblog emphasizes the lessons New York could learn from Chicago, and I add that Boston too could profit by example. Drivers on the Larz Andersen Bridge turning onto Soldiers Field Road in Boston and Memorial Drive in Cambridge are notorious in driving in a manner that puts pedestrians, cyclists, and their fellow motorists at risk. I’ve long thought that police stationed near the bridge fining all the violators could solve the financial problems of both cities.

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