Boston Globe article on Paulist Center campaign

The Paulist Center Boston is in the midst of a campaign to reach out to Catholics who feel alienated by the clergy sex scandal, parish closings, and others who may not feel welcome in the Catholic church. Today’s Boston Globe has an article on the campaign, “Priests campaign to win back flock.” My favorite part of the article is this quote from Fr. John Ardis:

“We decided we could no longer hide a good thing,” Ardis said. “Fewer and fewer Catholics are connecting with the church. They’re not necessarily finding another home, and they’ve, in a sense, somewhat given up. . . . This was the time to really let people know this is a place that welcomes all.”

Baptized Pagan has a good commentary on the article and how the Globe writers overlook the lay staff and Paulist Center Community participation in this ministry.

It’s appropriate that this article is published today, the day after the anniversary of the passing of Fr. Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulist Fathers. Fr. Hecker’s mission is alive and well in the Paulist Center Community.

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