Christmas in North Carolina, New Year in Virginia

Susan and I took our annual swing south to visit our families in North Carolina and Virginia for the holidays. For Christmas I got a new toy from my favorite parents-in-law, a Canon PowerShot A630 digital camera. Now I don’t have to wait for my prints to come back and order CD-ROM’s to have digital photos. Better yet I can post photo albums on my web page in a timely manner so you can enjoy the Holidays 2006 photo album . I’ll still find use for my old Yashica T4 point & shoot though, it takes too good a photo just disregard it.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos:

We met Krista & Scott’s son Sam for the first time and saw that he enjoyed chewing on the tail of his plush rat Bu (short for Bubonic).

My sister Barbara and nephew Cassidy. My relatives are just so photogenic. Cassidy now has a blog of his own called Project 365 which will feature a photo a day for the entire year of 2007.

Happy New Year to all!

One thought on “Christmas in North Carolina, New Year in Virginia

  1. Thanks for the shout out! We loved seeing you and your beautiful wife. Look forward to keeping up with your reflections.

    Barbara and Cassidy


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