Continuing the Conversation

It’s been an exciting week at Panorama of the Mountains. On Wednesday I was featured as “Blog of the Moment” at leading to a record 122 views in one day, many of them for my review of Thumbs, Toes, and Tears. Even before Wednesday I’d noticed an increase in views and comments. So here’s a hearty hello and thank you to all of you viewing and commenting. And keep those comments coming. I finally figured out how to change the settings so one doesn’t have to register to post a comment. If you’ve never commented before I have to approve your post to avoid spam so hold tight if you don’t see your comment right away.

People are also finding Panorama of the Mountains in unusual ways. Here’s a list of the most amusing search engine terms that have apparently brought people to this weblog:

  • german librarian 2007
  • discouraging the married man (and I thought I was encouraging to married men)
  • sams dud’s play grand
  • cows dancing and sinning

Since my last metapost Opening the Conversation, I’ve been refining my blogroll, and I’m happy to introduce some exciting blogs I’ve discovered as of late.

Fr. Ben Hawley, S.J. dropped by and made a comment earlier in the week. I’ve long been fond of the Jesuits because of their strong commitment to education so it’s good to have one as a reader. Fr. Hawley has a great blog of his own called The Good News of Christ.

I’ve been adding library blogs by the bucketfull to the blogroll and I have even more I’m following in my Bloglines feeds. Only one has me giddy with excitement and that is Mary Carmen Chimato’s Circ and Serve which may be the only library blog with an Access Services focus. Read Mary’s Bringing Sexy Back post, then read it again. It really speaks to a lot of the issues those of us in Access Services live with. I can’t thank her enough for starting this blog.

Equally exciting but related to how I get to work is the Bike Commute Tips Blog, an ever-so-needed compendium of information for those of us who go to work on two wheels and our own power.

Another shortage in the blogosphere appears to be in history blogs, but Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub helps to fill in that gap in an entertaining and educational way.

Better Sports collates current sporting news with insightful and intelligent commentary.

J. Baumgart probably has no idea that her presentation a couple of years back is when it first occured to me that I could author a blog. Now I can look for more inspiration at j’s scratchpad.

Finally, I know I’m way behind the times on this, but MetaFilter is a way cool place to find unique things on the web and a community of commentary.

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