Where is the universe expanding to?

I’m not a good physics student and the question “Where is the universe expanding to?” is one I’ve not one I’ve ever received a satisfactory answer too. A friend of mine in college who majored in physics told me “The universe is expanding into itself.”

Now Scientific American takes a crack at breaking through the dense matter that is my brain.

Scientific American: Where is the universe expanding to?

I still don’t get it. Where is the exterior of that balloon? I need a better analogy.

2 thoughts on “Where is the universe expanding to?

  1. Funny there are no answers… but perhaps that should tell you something? Let me ask you this: if you found the answer, would you stop asking questions?


  2. Sure, there would be plenty of other things to try to find out. Besides, I don’t really need an answer so much as a good analogy to wrap my brain around.


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