Best Holiday of the Year

February 6 is World Nutella Day!

World Nutella Day

Ok, I try to avoid being a corporate shill, but were I famous and offered an endorsement deal for Nutella, I think I’d have to take it. Whoever invented Nutella should be commended for making a perfect product – chocolate and hazelnut in a creamy spread. And you can eat it for breakfast!

I’m pretty sure I had Nutella as a kid, but my Nutella adiction did not begin until I was an adult. I confess I’ve spent many a night slathering Nutella on crackers and when I run out crackers on fruit and when I run out of fruit, I’ve licked the knife. On a visit to Salzburg I was overjoyed to get packets of Nutella with our continental breakfast. A good creperie like Mr. Crepe in Davis Square will put Nutella on a crepe. In Greenwich Village I once had two great flavors in one sandwich — a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich at Peanut Butter & Co. The Boloco wrap and smoothie joint chain offers the delicious Nutella smoothie. I love Nutella in all it’s forms.

Susan does not like Nutella. It doesn’t make sense since she loves chocolate. I think she confuses it with curd or Vegemite or something else gross she ate in Belgium, but I can’t convince her otherwise. Oh well, more Nutella for me.

2 thoughts on “Best Holiday of the Year

  1. I do not recall us having Nutella as children. I first recall learning about it from a woman in my dorm who was making her own truffles from scratch. That was the way the dorm rolled, no mundane Hershey bars for this bunch. Nutella has the same kind of hold on its users as say, crack cocaine. You start with actually eating it on something, yet later have no problem licking it off silverware, as you scrape the bottom of the jar. So it probably is better that Susan does not like it. One chocolate junkie is enough!

    Many chocolate returns of the day!


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