The Inevitable Laws of Bicycle Commuting

While riding my bike the other day it occured to me that certain things happen in my daily treks to-and-fro work that just seem inevitable. I thought it would be fun and perhaps cathartic to make a list.

  • Just as I approach the intersection, the light turns red.
  • The road will be clear until I want to make a left and then suddenly will be clogged with traffic.
  • When waiting for a line of ten cars to pass so I can make a left turn, the driver of car #10 will stop to let me go.
  • When a city bus is stopped in my lane and I try to pass it it will inevitably pull out when I’m right next to it. If I wait for the bus, however, it will sit at the stop for a long time
  • If I think I can outrace the coming storm, I’ll get caught in a downpour a quarter of a mile from work.
  • Taxis will double park in the bike lane
  • Pedestrians who would never step in front of a moving car have no problem jaywalking right in front of me.
  • People say I’m crazy for riding in the cold.
  • People say I’m crazy for riding in Boston.
  • I’ll come up with a brilliant idea while riding but won’t be able to remember it when I can actually write it down.

A lot of these are grumpy and negative so here’s a positive one:

  • When I’m feeling that I just don’t want to get on that bike but force myself to do so I end up having an exhilirating ride that lifts my mood.

3 thoughts on “The Inevitable Laws of Bicycle Commuting

  1. Great tips! I started biking to work last summer and pretty much all of your laws above have come true. The positive one at the end is especially true – in the morning, it seems any excuse not to ride I’ll consider, but then, after I actually get going, I whip by the sullen traffic and actually have fun. cheers, ian


  2. Yeah, all so very true (although I can’t verify that one about riding in Boston!)

    I’m glad that at least you were able to remember the brilliant idea for this entry!


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