Walk For Hunger 2007

I’m kicking off my fund raising drive for this year’s Walk for Hunger. I just sent this email to my family and friends and think maybe I can get some more support through the blogosphere.

“On Sunday, May 6, I will be participating in Project Bread’s 39th Walk for Hunger. This will be the fourth consecutive year Susan and I are doing the walk. I’m hoping that you will support me!

I feeel that poverty is the most important issue we’re facing today and participating in this walk is one way I can help hungry people in Massachusetts. The Walk for Hunger is one of America’s oldest fund-raising walks and one of the only walks that focus on social issues.
The money that I raise by walking as much as I can of the 20-mile route will directly help hungry people. (Funds raised through the Walk support more than 400 emergency food programs in 136 communities in Massachusetts.) Money from the Walk sponsors programs like The Wednesday Night Supper Club where once a week homeless people are served a warm sit-down meal as well as the Greater Boston Food Bank where food discarded from supermarkets is salvaged to help stock food pantries that supply food to hungry families.

Visit my personal Walk Webpage to learn more. You can donate online or if you prefer to send a check, send me an email (liammail at verizon dot net) and I can let you know where to send it. Also, if you want to join in the Walk you may sign up online. We’d love to have you walk with us.

Thank you for considering sponsoring me, and for your support of hungry people!

Thank you!

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