My New Boss

Or make that the boss of the boss of the boss of the boss of the boss of my boss. Congratualations to Drew Gilpin Faust on her appointment as the 28th President of Harvard University. And no I don’t really know much about her (people ask as if I have insider information). All I know about Faust is found online and in the papers. Apparently she is an expert on the Civil War and has written some interesting looking books.

Of course the big thing that the media is clinging to is that Faust is the first person of her gender to hold the presidency at Harvard. Thus the story attracts national attention including mentions in The Nation and Whispers in the Loggia. The plan for building the Allston campus (and all those nice, shaded bike paths) and revising the curriculum are the first big projects on Faust’s plate. It should be interesting at the least and a positive step forward for education and the community at the best.

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