A Parade in Olde Cambridge

Keeping with my resolve to participate more in the cultural events of the greater Boston area, I attended the Woman of the Year Parade presented by Hasty Pudding Theatricals. Somehow I have missed this event in my previous eight years. That the easy-on-the-eyes Scarlett Johansson was the guest of honor made a motivating factor to see the parade this year.

You do have give some credit to Johansson for coming out in cold, ice and snow only to be roasted by cross-dressers who also are (eek!) Harvard undergrads. After a long wait which paid no respect to hardworking people on their lunch breaks, the parade began with the Harvard band.

Stilt walker

Students dressed as Batman and Superman braved the icey streets on these bouncy stilts.


Giant walking fruit followed. I think this banana is named Jorge.

Scarlett Johansson

With an entourage of glamorous men and many fawning onlookers, Scarlett Johansson braved the cold with no hat.

Miss Massachusetts

Another car carried Miss Massachusetts. No one was paying much attention to her so out of pity I decided to take her picture but she chose to look away from me.

And that was it. The whole parade was less than five minutes. For all the media attention it gets, it is pretty much a non-event. Now I know. In the future I’ll skip the event unless they do something like offer free foot massage for the spectators.

Local coverage of the event from the Boston Globe and Harvard University Gazette.

Update: I’m ashamed that this groaner of a pun did not even occur to me.
Another Update: The Bostonist covers the event and includes yours truly as a source!

On the way back to work I took these cool (no pun intended) photos of the Charles River iced over.

Charles River

Charles River 2

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