Advertising Gone Wrong

In my daily travels about town, I’ve noticed a couple of advertisements that are really sending the wrong message.

First there’s this storefront in Union Square. Apparently this is the place to go when you are lucky enough to have a Nigerian general who needs to put large sums of money into your account.


I mean really, who would think to name their business Scam? Yes, I realize that the store is actually called Sc@m with that trendy @ symbol, but on first glance that name is telling me that they cannot be trusted with my money.

Meanwhile, Kelloggs has taken over Harvard Square station with an ad campaign to let us know that their product is unsatisfying.


I’m guessing their intention is to have the Special K Protein Drink (yuck!) washing away the “Un” and leaving “satisfying” but to me I just see “Unsatisfying.” Perhaps it’s a subliminal message to lower expectations so that if one in their effort to “lose up to six pounds” finds Special K products to actually be not so bad, one will be pleasantly surprised.

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