Boo Librarians! Yay Librarians!

A censorship scandal has arisen over Newbury Medal-winning children’s book The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron because the book includes the name of a body part, specifically “scrotum.” What’s shocking about this is that librarians are actually pulling the book off the shelves themselves whereas librarians are generally defenders against such ludicrous attempts at censorship. The story is covered at and The New York Times. LISNews also has a roundup of commentary on the controversy.

Luckily we have some good librarian news to balance things out here in a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe in praise of local libraries. I haven’t said it here before but I’m in total agreement with Wendy Ahlborg. The Minuteman Library Network is awesome in every way.

2 thoughts on “Boo Librarians! Yay Librarians!

  1. You Say Scrotum, I Say Hoo-Ha — Susie Bright delves more deeply into the story.

    Most librarians are not tight-lipped prudes, they’re courageous front-liners on First Amendment issues. Most families are nonchalant about the daily-observed behavior of their dogs and cats. Parents- who are not in the grips of fundamentalist fever- believe it’s helpful for young people to know the correct terms for their own body parts, be they a nose, elbow, vulva, or scrotum.

    The article also links to a list of children’s literature where the word “scrotum” may be found.


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