White Airborne Objects

In Boston, it’s snow.

In Port St. Lucie it’s baseballs.

I’m not the kind of baseball fan who eagerly follows Spring Training from the moment pitchers and catchers report. Generally I tune in to the first couple of Grapefruit League games and the realize that non-competitive games are pretty dull and go back into hibernation until Opening Day (that most glorious of days!).

So I was a bit caught off guard to find out that the Mets first Spring Training game is Wednesday 1:1o pm. At least I found out in funny – albeit bittersweet – way from Jason’s post at Faith and Fear in Flushing “The Limits of Prophecy.” At least this Spring Training game is not likely to lead to marital strife, unlike the World-Series-that-never-was (thanks to Yadier Bleeping Molina).

Virginia Apologizes for Slavery

Some interesting news from my former home commonwealth Virginia. Both houses of the General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution to apologize for slavery and exploitation of Native Americans. The measure of course is merely symbolic. The crimes occurred a century and more ago committed by people long since deceased. Due to the liquidity of the American population it’s not even likely that these elected representatives nor their constituents include a great number of descendants of slave holders. But in another sense it is very appropriate. Slavery in England’s colonies began in Virginia when the first black indentured servants arrived in Jamestown in 1619. Virginia has a long history of leading the nation and inspiring revolutionary change, and I think this may be another case. I’ve read some other bloggers commentary about the resolution and it’s largely negative along the lines of “too little, too late” and “hypocrisy.” I think a commenter at the Busted Halo blog puts it best though when s/he states that it is a good thing to acknowledge our shameful past in the same way that we patriotically celebrate our more commendable moments. Whitewashing history generally is ineffective compared to simply letting it all hang out.