Fun & Games

Easy: From Ironic Sans, see how many US States you can name in ten minutes. I got all 50 in 3:23.

Hard: The Impossible Quiz Deluxe from DeviantArt (takes a while to load).

Potentially Addictive: Vox Imperium, a web-based civilization-type game. I haven’t tried it yet. I’m not sure if I should but here are instructions how to start.

One thought on “Fun & Games

  1. A fun quiz:

    Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

    You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
    An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
    You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
    A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

    You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

    What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?


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