Mets vs. Tiggers

The matchup of New York and Detroit that should have occurred 4 months ago finally took place today in Port St. Lucie. The Tigers won 5-4 despite a late Mets rally. Absolutely nothing happened according to Greg, but Mike says it signifies winter’s retreat. He’s right too as it is significantly warmer in the Northeast (although it’s not unlike March to periodically trip things up and come in like a lamb and leave like a lion…or a Tiger). Anyhow it’s time to countdown to what’s really important which is 32 days, 3 hours by my calculation.

What do you do if you’re a meat-eater living with a vegetarian?

A lovely article in The Guardian has great suggestions for meat-eaters on how to relate with vegetarians. Lucky for me I live with a conscinetious omnivore, but the article is useful for anyone you know and may take a meal with. I wish I had this article twelve years ago. I could have given it to all the people in college who told me I could pick the pepperoni off the pizza (heck, I once had someone tell me I could pick the meat out of a soup!).