New Women’s Soccer League in 2008!

The Women’s Soccer Initiative has announced financial backing for six women’s professional soccer franchises to begin play in 2008.  This is great news except for one thing.  There’s no franchise in Boston!  I recall that the Boston Breakers had a big following and were the closest thing to financial success in WUSA.  Let’s hope that the sixth franchise is Boston bound.

In other news, pioneering US women’s soccer players Julie Foudy and Mia Hamm were enshrined in the National Soccer Hall of Fame.  Yes, the United States has a National Soccer Hall of Fame located in Oneonta, NY not far from baseball’s hall in Cooperstown.  Anyhow, the honor is well-deserved and Panorama of the Mountains congratulates Foudy and Hamm.

3 thoughts on “New Women’s Soccer League in 2008!

  1. Alas, as some woman on NPR commented this morning, the timing of the Women’s World Cup in September means that it may be overshadowed here in the States by football and the pennant races.


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