They Like US! They Really Like US!

Who loves the USA?  Apparently Nigerians love America according to the Pew Global Attitudes Project. Nigeria is actually second in the poll to the Philippines in answering te question “Is the US a positive influence in the world?”  This is even more surprising since I would expect Filipinos to have lingering resentments from colonialism as well as the effect of increasing Islamism in that country.

A country I’d expect to rank the US highly is Ireland due to close ties between the nations.  The Irish in fact were the only country outside the US to observe a day of mourning following the September 11th attacks.  I doesn’t appear that the pollsters asked the Irish.

I do wonder what specific questions were asked when collecting this data.  The French people and government, for example, famously have a strong dislike and distrust for the United States’ government’s international policy which is reflected in the poll.  On the other hand, ordinary French citizens and ordinary American citizens have long share mutual admiration of one another so much so that they are called the “Cousin cultures.”  I remember when working at Colonial Williamsburg and trying to discuss the Revolution, some elderly French women repeatedly thanked me for helping out in World War II (not that I had anything to do with it).  I don’t know if these aspects are reflected in the polling.

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