11 Reasons to ride underground…and one reason not to

Virgin Vacations has named the 11 Top Underground Transit Systems Throughout the World. The T, of course, is # 12. Meanwhile, On The Road With Cindy & Jeff shows evidence that driving through Boston’s new Central Artery tunnels has changed a lot but not all for the better.

In my life, I’ve had the pleasure of riding four of these systems: London, Paris, New York, and Montreal. Some other rapid transit systems I like include Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco, Munich, and Dublin.

In other transit news, Charlie on the MBTA reports that Mayor Menino wants to combine my loves of public transit and libraries by renaming the Copley Square stop after the Boston Public Library.

2 thoughts on “11 Reasons to ride underground…and one reason not to

  1. Today’s Boston Globe covers the the Boston Public Library’s efforts to add their name to the Copley Square station.

    This part cracks me up if only because uniformity is rare on the T:

    Library officials have told the MBTA they would be happy with a name change on the signs marking the station itself and suggested that maps be updated later. But T officials declined, saying all signs and maps should be uniform.

    This news also gets a post on The City Record and Boston News-Letter. I should note that I too have a MBTA station named after me. I should probably petition the T to move my station to a more attractive location.


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