Beer Review: Nut Brown Ale by Peak Organic Beer

I drank this beer to wash down my supper at the great and wonderful Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square.

Beer: Nut Brown Ale
Brewer: Peak Organic Beer
Source: Draft
Rating: *** (7.1 of 10)
Comments: Just the name Nut Brown Ale gives me a warm, happy feeling and the beer did not disappoint. Very fresh tasting, crisp and well, just plain tasty.

Speaking of organic beer, a couple of years ago Susan and I ate a fantastic meal at the all-organic Duke of Cambridge pub in the Islington district of London. Check it out if you can.

3 thoughts on “Beer Review: Nut Brown Ale by Peak Organic Beer

  1. Cool beer post! During the day I work for a local Organic and
    Natural grocery store in Seattle (It’s not Whole Paycheck ;-) ) and during
    the night as a professional podcaster, producing passionate podcasts for
    Organic and Natural lifestyles.

    If interested Organically Speaking has released a conversation (audio
    podcast) with Morgan Wolaver – president of Wolaver’s Organic Beers.
    Wolaver’s brew and bottle all of there beers in small batches to ensure
    freshness and consistent quality. They use natural Vermont water, the best
    domestic malt and hops available, and there own top-fermenting yeast. All
    Wolaver’s beers are made with no less than 98% certified organic

    All the best,

    Holistic Conversations for a Sustainable World


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