Funny Thoughts

  • On my way to work this morning, it occurred to me that a baby born on the date of my high school graduation would now be getting ready to celebrate her/his Sweet Sixteen in May.  It’s hard to comprehend that in a little over a year I will have lived more years since my graduation than the age I was when I graduate.  Especially since it seemed to take so long to reach that pinnacle.
  • A caption on the website reads: Monster launches new product.  I had a very literal image of a green scaly monster growling and flinging some product into the sky in a fit of rage.
  • Despite being too busy to post for several days I’ve noticed that the number of views that Panorama of the Mountains gets each day is holding steady.  Do I perhaps have a following?  All you folks who are reading about the books I read and the beers I drink, why don’t you stick around and make a comment?  I love comments!

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