April Fools Day

No, I have no plans to play a joke you but I waned to take the opportunity to link to some of my favorite pranks.

In 1957, BBC broadcast a documentary on the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest at a time when pasta must’ve been exotic enough to fool people that it grows on trees much less in Switzerland.  Sadly the video is only available in the hit-or-miss Real Player format.

MIT students are famous for playing creative pranks which they call hacks. The MIT IHTFP Hack Gallery immortalizes the best of them.

Finally, while I cannot stomach the “food” sold at Taco Bell, I did get a kick out of their April 1, 1996 advertisement announcing that they purchased the Liberty Bell.

More fun April Fools Day pranks at The Museum of Hoaxes.

Happy April Fools.


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