Time Begins

It’s the national holiday known as Opening Day (or thanks to cable television Opening Night) and thus time begins again. From now until late October one can count on baseball being played somewhere which once can follow at the ballpark, in the pub, on the radio, on TV, on the internet, and on the street where children play with tennis balls and argue endlessly about whether the ball was fair or foul. This day in/day out rhythm of baseball is part of the beauty of the game and what makes the five months without baseball hard to live through.

And what better way to begin the season than with a Mets win 6-1 over the Cardinals? Granted, it would have been nice if the Mets had won the last time they played the Cardinals but it’s a new season and that’s water under the bridge. I listened to the game on MLB Radio due to the national broadcast on ESPN (I wonder when they will figure out that the money I pay for the subscription can be equal to or more than what cable subscribers pay?).

The offense that dominated in 2006 (except for three weeks in September and the NLCS) was back and piled on the runs. Glavine pitched well and then had a typical meltdown on the mound only to be bailed out by Carlos Beltran who nailed David Eckstein at the plate (the Glavinistas will probably overlook that). 162-0 is probably not going to happen but it’s good to get that first win. I can live with more Mets baseball like this for the rest of the season.

Box score.

Players of the game (I award up to ten points, maximum of 6 points to one player, distributed among the Mets players who had the biggest impact in the game).

  • Beltran 1.5
  • Delgado 0.5
  • Glavine 2
  • Green 1
  • Heilman 1
  • Loduca 2.5
  • Newhan 1
  • Reyes 0.5

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