Beer Review: Blue Moon Spring Ale

Beer: Blue Moon Spring Ale
Brewer: Blue Moon Brewing Company (Coors Brewing Company)
Source: 12 oz. bottle
Rating: ** (6.7 of 10)
Comments: I had no idea until I was looking for a url for this post that Blue Moon beers are brewed by Coors. THEY FOOLED ME INTO THINKING IT’S A REAL MICROBREW!!! Despite that, Blue Moon beers are usually pretty good and the Spring Ale is no exception. The beer label says it has lime leaves and peel flavoring, and you can taste a hint of it, but the strongest, and best taste is the wheat flavor.

One thought on “Beer Review: Blue Moon Spring Ale

  1. I had been a fan of Full Moon all winter, and today I noticed Rising Moon on the shelf. Make no mistake about it, Full Moon far exceeds its predecessor.

    On the first opening I smelled the beverage and with whiff #1 I was intrigued and wanted another. Whiff number two gave me memories of the smell of tequila after being vomited behind the local Dairy Queen. For certainty I took a third whiff, and bingo, smells like tequila hurls.

    So I dove in to the frosty beverage. Taste one was intriguing. Taste 2 was disgusting. I sided with my better judgment and decided taste two was enough for me. To the trash it went.

    Miller, you had a good thing going with Blue Moon, then even better with Full Moon. Why did you fuck it all up with Rising Moon?


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