Funny Cuz It’s True Dept.

It tickles my funny bone when someone else makes an observation on a situation that is similar to my own.

This Unshelved strip takes on fibbers in the library. I’m pretty sure Unshelved has used that same punchline “We really just want the book back” before, but I can totally relate to being in a situation where a patron is prevaricating and I just don’t want to hear their story.

Meanwhile, Dustinland deals with luxury condos. Have you ever noticed that all condos these days are luxury? I’d really be happy to find a no-frills condo or a necessity condo myself.

EDIT. More funny cuz it’s true:  Eric Wilbur’s Boston Sports Blog on one of the great baseball cliches and other Opening Day absurdities.

Not true but still funny is the dream I had last night. I can’t remember all the details but I was at a backyard cookout and one of the guests was Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Contrary to his public persona, Reznor was actually a pretty mellow, happy-go-lucky guy who kept running into the house to help out in the kitchen and pass around potato salad to other guests. Another part of the dream involved a former roommate of mine swinging from power lines like an acrobat (and not getting electrocuted) which greatly impressed Mia Hamm. And so my sleeping life continues to be more interesting than my conscious life.

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