Sweep in St. Louis

I could get used to this. Three straight road wins against the defending World Series Champions by a combined score of 20-2 and the Mets are off to their hottest start since…last year. There was quite a bit of offensive firepower tonight, but lest we forget, what a great performance by John “Down East” Maine. I thought we may finally be seeing the Mets first no-hitter up until one measly hit by Scott Rolen in the 5th. That’s all Maine would allow and the Cardinals would only get 2 hits total. I said it before, but I think I’m going to like 2007. Bring on the Braves!

Box score.

Players of the game

  • Alou 0.50
  • Beltran 2
  • Franco 0.50
  • Green 1
  • LoDuca 1
  • Maine 2.5
  • Reyes 2
  • Wright 0.50