Friday Sillies: Velcro & Alka-Seltzer

When we were kids, my sister & I liked to stay up late and watch TV. One of our favorites was the original Late Night With David Letterman on NBC (which was on right before every rebellious child’s favorite show NBC News Overnight with Linda Ellerbee). Unlike today’s show where Dave pretty much just interviews celebrity guests, the show back then was more madcap with lots of skits and stunts. Much of what David Letterman and his crew did was pretty innovative for TV of the early 80’s and damn funny.

Here are two famous bits where Dave wears a suit of Velcro and a suit of Alka-Selzer. I feel like I saw these when they were first broadcast, but since neither of the dates is in the summer, I probably saw them in reruns.

Sadly I was not able to find some memorable nuggets like Dave throwing medical gloves filled with butterscotch pudding off a five-story building or Dave roaming around Byram, Connecticut looking for a place that sells bone saws, but these were a good trip down memory lane.

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