Mets-Phillies Series Roundup

I don’t have too much to say about these games because I wasn’t able to watch them. The Phillies won on Wednesday 2-5, and the Mets came back yesterday to win 5-3. So the Phillies limp home after a 2-7 start, their worst in decades. The Mets welcome the hapless Nationals for a weekend series starting tonight. I should bite my tongue though because the Nats have a nasty habit of spoiling things for the Mets going back to their Expos days.

Mike’s Mets brings you a summary of Tom Glavine’s 292nd win and Faith and Fear in Flushing lets us know that you can never have too much David Wright.

Players of the game (I award up to ten points, maximum of 6 points to one player, distributed among the Mets players who had the biggest impact in the game):

April 11, 2007:

  • Beltran .50
  • Reyes 2.5
  • Sele 2.5
  • Smith 1.5
  • Valentin 1.5

April 12 2007:

  • Alou 3
  • Glavine 1.5
  • Reyes 3
  • Smith 1
  • Wagner .50
  • Wright 1

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