Spring Cleaning

I tried to tidy up Panorama of the Mountains a bit, and I think I was moderately successful in reducing some clutter. I took away About in the sidebar since it was duplicated in the tabs up top, and I also moved the Utilities up there since they are of little use to anyone but me. Another big change was to sort all the links in my blogroll into categories. It wasn’t easy as one word rarely describes a blog and many of them fit in multiple categories. But now folks looking for library blogs won’t have to sift through baseball blogs and vice versa.

Speaking of the blogroll, I’ve added some new links:

With baseball season underway I’ve started reading several more baseball blogs and surprisingly none of them are exclusively Mets-related. The Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, already one of the most accessible and fan-friendly ballplayers around, now has an official blog called 38 Pitches. More great baseball insights may be found at The Pinetar Rag and Yard Work.

Another fun discovery about blogging and reading blogs is seeing the stories folks from the Boston area are posting. These new blogs include Auntie Scotch Raves, Bachelor in Porter Square, Bradley’s Almanac (which focuses on the Boston music scene), The City Record and Boston News-Letter (fantastic history blog), Isak (literature and social justice), Lost in Boston, and Shutterscript (stunning photography). I’m humbled to be among such interesting and talented neighbors.

I found several good “fact of the day” type of reference blogs, since I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. These include Britannica Blog, Infoplease Editors’ Blog, Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day, ResourceShelf, and World Almanac.

My news and politics resources grow with Buzzflash and Democracy Now!

Fr. Ben Hawley, SJ of The Good News blog now has two more spiritually-based blogs, Did God Find You Today and Living the Eucharist in Our Daily Lives.

Bike Commuters and Green Streets join my growing collection of blogs regarding bicycling, transit, urban planning, and green cities.

Some of my favorite newly-discovered blogs take a quirky theme and post photos and stories about them each day. Blogs that fall in this genre include Secret Fun Blog (retro culture), Shorpy – The One-Hundred-Year-Old Photo Blog (gorgeous high-resolution photos of urban and industrial scenes from 60-100 years ago), Strange Maps (self-explanatory), and Truly Awful Stuff (ditto). Well they’re kind of too arcane to describe well so check them out!

Of course, I hope to make Panorama of the Mountains a great blog visited by many, so if you like what you see (or don’t) drop in and leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I miss the books, too. It looks too clean and sterile, like I am about to get my teeth cleaned. That teeny criticism aside, I sure do admire your ability to blog with great frequency on a variety of topics. How many baseball-loving librarians interested in exploring issues of faith, who also have a sense of humor, are there out there? And blogging! Quite a niche you have carved for yourself!


  2. I am glad the books are back. Your site looks amazing with all the links and photos and what-not. Plus, Cassidy and I watched “These are the Daves I Know…” today. Cassidy wanted to watch it again, but I figure he can wait a few more years!


  3. Me too. I’m glad the WordPress introduced the drop-down menus so I can fit a bunch of stuff in one column and not have it look ridiculously cluttered.


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