Beer Review: Narragansett Beer

And now a traditional New England beer courtesy of Charlie’s Kitchen.

Beer: Narragansett Beer
Brewer: Narragansett Brewing Company
Source: Draft
Rating: ** (6.0 of 10)
Comments: Once upon a time, Narragansett was the beer of New England, and many a Red Sox game was accompanied by a ‘Gansett. This was before my time but I have a fondness for historical regional brews like Narragansett, Rheingold, National Bohemian (which is swill), Old Style, Olympia, and Yuengling among others. These beers weren’t always good but did have a knack for clever ad campaigns and creating regional identity as opposed to the homogeneity of the big commercial breweries.

A lot of these legacy beers are coming back although some of them only as a line of one of the commercial breweries. On the one hand it’s nice to have a link back to American brewing history, but on the other hand who knows what swill they’ll put in a bottle to tap our nostalgia?

Narragansett fortunately is a reestablished brand with New England ownership and the help of a former brewmaster, so we can at least breathe easy that new ‘Gansett will be like old ‘Gansett. But that doesn’t mean it will be good. Surprisingly, it is good. It has a clean, crisp flavor with a nice tangy aftertaste. It looks like a good foamy, deep yellow pilsener. In short, a solid basic beer. Maybe not top notch, but it has a good summer flavor to it that would go well with a ball game.

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