Win, Loss, Rain, Rain, Sweep

I had a lot of extra time to review the Nationals series but didn’t use it and then let the whole next series slip by. In my defense, that series against the Phillies was only one game, but the Mets win last night means they got a sweep.

I don’t have much to say about these games since I only saw the Friday the 13th match-up with the Nationals, and that intermittently since my internet connection kept crapping out for some reason. In that game the Mets were able to rally for a come-from-behind 1-run win thanks to and RBI pinch-hit single by Julio Franco. While I sipped beer on Saturday, the aging, declining Orlando Hernandez showed his age and decline by allowing 3 home runs in a loss to the lowly Nationals.

On Sunday, rain, wind, and other assorted April misery prevented play of the series finale in New York. The rain followed the Mets to Philadelphia canceling the game there on Monday night. Two days of rest must have built up some pent-up aggression because the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Mets returned to clobber the Phillies in the City of Brotherly Love. Moises Alou had his first two home runs of the season in the 8-1 victory. Young David Wright also tied the Mets record by hitting in his 24th consecutive game.

I should have better Mets news in future posts as I’m watching tonights game against the Marlins as I write. I also will see the Mets in person for the first time on Saturday.

A quick Red Sox note: I saw part of the Red Sox loss to the Blue Jays last night. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched well but the Sox only managed to score a measly run in the 2-1 loss. Matsuzaka appears to be getting the poor run support that Pedro Martinez used to get with the Red Sox.

13 April 2007
Nationals 2, Mets 3

  • Delgado 1.5
  • Feliciano 1
  • Franco 1.5
  • Heilman 1
  • Pelfrey .50
  • Reyes 1
  • Schoeneweis .50
  • Valentin .50
  • Wagner .50
  • Wright 2

14 April 2007

Nationals 6, Mets 2

  • Burgos 1.5
  • Chavez .50
  • Delgado .50
  • Easley .50
  • Green 1.5
  • Schoeneweis .5
  • Smith 1.5
  • Valentin 1.5
  • Wright .50

17 April 2007
Mets 8, Phillies 1

  • Alou 3
  • Beltran .50
  • Castro 1.5
  • Feliciano .50
  • Glavine 1.5
  • Green 1
  • Reyes 1
  • Valentin 1

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