Mets Week In Review: 23-29 April

Note: In an effort to reduce clutter in Panorama of the Mountains I’m keeping myself to just one Mets post per week. I’ll write up my thoughts after each game and when the week is up I’ll publish them in one big post. For this reason, thoughts on an individual game will have a certain immediacy and lack of awareness of what comes after.

23 April 2007
Rockies 1, Mets 6

I did not get to watch this game due to my late hours at work. After struggling against the Braves, the Mets proved once again that they can take the mediocre teams handily, which I guess I should look at in a half-full way. John Maine is getting a lot of credit for pitching into the 8th inning which shows how low the expectations for pitchers are these days, but still bully for him. I really like how the Down Easter is maturing this season. David Wright is still looking lost at the plate but luckily Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and now Carlos Delgado are more than enough to carry the offense (not to mention some better-than-expected contributions this season by Jose Valentin, Shawn Green, and Moises Alou).

Players of the game (I award up to ten points, maximum of 6 points to one player, distributed among the Mets players who had the biggest impact in the game):

  • Alou 2.5
  • Delgado 1.5
  • Feliciano .50
  • Maine 2.5
  • Valentin 3

24 April 2007
Rockies 1, Mets 2 (12 innings)

The second game of the Rockies series provided drama, heroics, and the most exciting game of the season thus far. Orlando Hernandez and Aaron Cook matched zeroes in a pitching duel. In fact there was no scoring at all in regulation play and I figured the game would have to go to penalty kicks. The Rockies broke the tie on Tulowitzki’s triple off Wagner in the 10th inning. Down to their last strike, it looked like the game was over for the Mets, but Damion Easley launched his second homer of the season in the bottom of the 10th. Then in 12th inning, the Mets won in the most improbable manner. Endy Chavez put down a perfect drag bunt to score Shawn Green from third base. Jason at Faith & Fear in Flushing captures the excitement in a lyrical and literary manner as always in his post 485 Unexpected Feet.

Players of the game

  • Chavez 1.5
  • Easley 2
  • Green 1
  • Heilman .50
  • Hernandez 3
  • Schoeneweis .50
  • Smith .50
  • Valentin .50
  • Wright .50

25 April 2007
Rockies 11, Mets 5

Disproving the notion that there are such things as momentum in baseball, or even that the better team should win, the Rockies clobbered the Mets in the series finale on Wednesday afternoon. The less said about this game the better.

  • Chavez 2.5
  • Easley .50
  • Feliciano .25
  • Green 2.5
  • Reyes 3.5
  • Smith .25
  • Valentin .50

27 April 2007
Mets 3, Nationals 4

The Mets start worrying me by losing for the second time in as many games to a sub-par team. The usual suspects were out in full force, that is inability for the offense to capitalize and leaving lots of runners on base. Ollie Perez surrendering a three-run homer in the first inning didn’t help, but you have to give him credit for settling down and striking out 9 batters with zero walks. Nope, the offense lost this game.

  • Alou 2.5
  • LoDuca 1
  • Perez 3.5
  • Smith 1
  • Wright 2

28 April 2007
Mets 6, Nationals 2 (12 innings)

The Mets returned to winning ways on Saturday albeit it took them until the 9th inning to get the bats going and to start driving in runs in their second extra inning game of the season. Julio Franco and Carlos Beltran proved to be the batting heroes in another game marked by great pitching. The game was also marred by poor umpiring. Greg at Faith & Fear has this commentary on how umpire Tony Randazzo affected the outcome of this game both to the detriment and advantage of the Mets.

  • Beltran 1.5
  • Castro .50
  • Franco 1
  • Glavine 1.5
  • Green 1
  • Reyes .50
  • Schoeneweis 1
  • Sele 1.5
  • Wagner .50
  • Wright 1

29 April 2007
Mets 1, Nationals 0

In the final game, the Mets managed to win the series. Just barely. This is the only game in the series I had the opportunity to watch and it was a classic pitching duel. While Carlos Beltran won the game on a towering homer in the 6th, but this game is most memorable for John Maine’s stellar pitching (7.0, 0 ER, 3 BB, 8 SO). I’m still not convinced that the Mets’ starting pitching is not their Achilles Heel, but Maine and Perez are starting to make me feel less uneasy. Another highlight of this game is 48 year old John Franco playing first base and fielding a bunt on the third baseline! It was a key play in the game as it stymied a Nationals rally. Overall, the Mets aren’t looking their best in this series — especially as far as timely hitting goes — but their winning and that’s what matters most.

  • Beltran 2
  • Franco .50
  • Maine 4.5
  • Reyes 1.5
  • Schoeneweis 1
  • Wagner .50

So it was a good week for the Mets as the won both series and were 4-2 overall. In the week coming up the Mets will return home for 3 games versus Florida and then head out west for the first time for a 4 game set in Arizona. The Mets look to finish April in first place in the NL East and with the best record in the National League. After tomorrow’s game I should be able to award my Mets Player and Pitcher of the Month for April.

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