Mis pantalones son café: Mets Player & Pitcher of the Month for April

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the Mets Player and Pitcher of the Month for April! Based on player of the game points I awarded Mets players throughout the month of April, the winner by a wide margin should be no surprise to anyone (at least Susan).

Congratulations to Jose Reyes, Mets Player of the Month for April 2007!

The Mets Pitcher of the Month for April, and fifth overall PotG point-receiver, is Cuba’s own Orlando Hernandez.

Congratulations El Duque, here’s hoping you return swiftly from the Disabled List!

Here are the complete Player of the Game point totals through April 30:

Reyes 31.5
Beltran 22
Green 21.5
Alou 18
Hernandez 13
Wright 13
Delgado 12
Maine 12
Valentin 12
Glavine 9.5
Perez 9.5
Smith 7.75
Castro 6.5
LoDuca 6.5
Schoeneweis 6
Sele 5.5
Chavez 5
Easley 4
Franco 4
Heilman 3.5
Feliciano 2.75
Wagner 2.5
Burgos 2
Newhan 1
Pelfrey 0.5

3 thoughts on “Mis pantalones son café: Mets Player & Pitcher of the Month for April

  1. Jose Reyes does not need to settle for a mere Panorama of the Mountains award. That’s because he’s been named National League Player of the Month. Way to go Jose!

    But that’s not all the good news for the Mets. John Maine, leading the league with a 1.35 ERA, is the National League Pitcher of the Month. I have to admit that there are flaws in my PotG formulae and that Major League Baseball got it right.

    This the first time since Gary Carter and Doc Gooden one player of the month and pitcher of the month in September 1985 that the Mets have had winners of both awards in the same month.


  2. Well, Jose has 17 stolen bases in 27 games. I think that projects to 102 stolen bases in a 162 season. I’m not sure if I’m doing my math correctly, but if I’m correct that would by far be a Mets record.


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