Three Words Meme

Here’s another meme because I cannot resist such things. All answers have to be given in three words, no more no less.

Via LAMLand.

Where is your cell phone? –do not own

Girlfriend? — I married her

Hair? — licked by cows

Your mother? — loving, long suffering

Your father? — distant, short tempered

Your favorite item(s)? — bike, computer, bed

Your dream last night? — lost to memory

Your favorite drink? — malted frappe, mmm

Your dream girl? — I married her

The room you are in? — the reading room

Your fear? — lightning, telephones, humiliation

What do you want to be in 10 years? — a good dad

Who did you hang out with last night? — me, myself,I

What are you not? — chatty, schmoozy extrovert

Are you in love? — very much so

One of your wish list items? — trip to Australia

What are you wearing? — blue plaid shirt

Your favorite book? — Scout, Jem, Boo

The last thing you ate? — warm veggie burger

Your life? — quite exciting, actually

Your mood? — mellow gorilla, ma

Your friends? — people who care

What are you thinking about right now? — dinner with Suze

Your car? — I bike instead

What are you doing at this moment? — slacking at work

Your summer? –fleeting, baseball filled

Your relationship status? — so happily married

What is on your TV screen? — frakkin’ Cylons, eek!

When is the last time you laughed? — silly Kim, ha!

Last time you cried? — Novocaine shot, ouch!

School? — loved of old

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