Mets Week In Review: 30 April-6 May

The Mets start the week on top of the NL East but in the midst of an offensive slump. The Disabled List rears its ugly head for the first time this season calling on Orlando Hernandez, Jose Valentin, and Moises Alou.

30 April 2007
Marlins 9, Mets 6

Chan Ho Park stepped in for an injured Orlando Hernandez on Monday night. For 2 2/3 innings I thought, maybe just maybe, a miracle might happen as Park was perfect for the first 8 batters. Then the floodgates opened and the Marlins scored 5 runs before the 3rd out of the inning could be recorded, then tacked on two more runs the next inning. If anything this shows the precarious house of cards the Mets starting rotation is with the aging Orlando Hernandez and Tom Glavine being relied on to be the front end of the rotation and the younger pitchers not yet mature enough to take on a leading role. When injury or failure to pitch well happen, as they inevitably will in this situation, the Mets are forced to rely on retreads, has-beens and never wases to go to the mound for them.

The silver lining from this game is that the offense was able to rally for six runs despite slumps by David Wright and Carlos Delgado. The lineup (and the bench) has the resiliency built in to it that makes it possible for the team to still score a lot of runs even when key players aren’t at their best. And we know that Wright and Delgado will be back in form soon while for Hernandez there are doubts of when he’ll return and how effective he can be. We can hope that the pitching can at least keep the opponents from scoring as much as the Marlins did in this game so the offense can help the Mets continue to win games.

Players of the game (I award up to ten points, maximum of 6 points to one player, distributed among the Mets players who had the biggest impact in the game):

  • Alou 1
  • Beltran 2.5
  • Burgos .50
  • Green .50
  • Reyes 3.5
  • Sele 1.5

1 May 2007
Marlins 5, Mets 2

The new month did nothing to change the fortunes of the Mets as they fell to the Marlins again. If any positives can be drawn from this disappointing loss they are David Wright hitting a double and home run, a possible sign of his emergence from a slump, and Mike Pelfrey settling down after a rough first inning, perhaps a sign of increased confidence and effectiveness in future games.

I’m not the only one who has worries.

  • Chavez .50
  • LoDuca 1
  • Pelfrey 1
  • Smith 1
  • Wright 5

2 May 2007
Marlins 3, Mets 6

Whew! The Mets didn’t get swept. At home. To the Marlins. That would have set up a lot of red flags and put Mets fans into (probably unnecessary) panic. Granted the Marlins did a lot to give the game away with sloppy play, errors, and a wild pitch. But the Mets capitalized on those mistakes like a good team does. Not only that, but Oliver Perez seems to really be coming of age. After allowing a run in the first inning, he settled down and stuck out 10 batters in 5.2 innings of work. Perez also contributed with his bat as did David Wright. Things are looking up in Metsland. They head off to Phoenix for a four game set with the Diamondbacks. The Mets have a history of hitting well in Arizona so hopefully tee off once again. Let this series be like batting practice to build up confidence for the Mets offense for the gauntlet they’ll be facing in coming months (this is the type of comment that will come back and bite me in the butt).

  • Chavez 2
  • Delgado .50
  • Perez 4
  • Reyes 2
  • Schoeneweis .50
  • Smith 1

3 May 2007
Mets 9, Diamondbacks 4

This is the type of result I expect from the Mets when they visit the Arizona desert, albeit it came about in unexpected ways. The Mets waited until the ninth inning to put a pasting on the Diamondbacks in their own ballpark for the 11th consecutive game. The Diamondbacks scored early, the Mets rallied to take the lead, but Tom Glavine surrendered that lead on a longball. Again the Mets rallied to tie, but again Glavine could not protect that either. In the ninth inning, facing Arizona closer Jose Valverde, the Mets sent 10 batters to the plate. Damion Easley and David Wright both hit three-run homers to make this a laugher. Oddly, Endy Chavez struckout twice in the inning, his only at bats for the entire game since he entered as a pinch-runner for Alou in the sixth.

  • Alou 1.5
  • Beltran 2
  • Easley 1.5
  • Glavine 1
  • Green .50
  • LoDuca 1
  • Reyes .50
  • Wright 2

4 May 2007
Mets 5, Diamondbacks 3

The Arizona Cure continues to work wonders as the Mets find new and creative ways to beat the Diamondbacks. As Greg at Faith and Fear in Flushing writes everything that could go wrong didn’t. John Maine was not at his best but nevertheless did the best he could and won his fifth game with no losses. Julio Franco once again became the oldest man to his a home run (which he hit of Randy Johnson for a combined 93 years of age) and the oldest man to hit a home run and steal a base in the same game. And Endy Chavez might have got hurt chasing a ball questionably ruled a home run, but it looks like he’ll be okay.

  • Beltran 1
  • Chavez .50
  • Franco 1.5
  • LoDuca 2
  • Maine 3
  • Reyes 2

5 May 2007
Mets 6, Diamondbacks 2

The Mets won their 13th consecutive road game against the Diamondbacks in improbable fashion against defending Cy Young Award winner Brandon Webb (I think Arizona leads the league in Brandons with 3). Improbable because Mets starter Jorge Sosa was kind of a desperation starter called up from AAA to replace the ineffective Chan Ho Park who had replaced the injured Orlando Hernandez. If not for some shaky fielding by the usually sure-handed Jose Reyes who failed to turn a double play in the 7th, the Mets would have had a shutout. Let’s hope the Sosa we saw in this game sticks around

  • Delgado 2.5
  • Feliciano .50
  • Green 3
  • Heilman .50
  • LoDuca 1
  • Sosa 2.5

6 May 2007
Mets 1, Diamondbacks 3

I was too busy walking 20 miles to pay attention to the series finale. I didn’t miss much. The winning streak in Phoenix came to an end. Mike Pelfrey’s record went to 0-4, however he did pitch better this game (silver lining). A flat offense did little to help him. I guess everyone needs an off day. Too bad the Mets took one during a game.

  • Castro 1
  • Chavez 1
  • Green 1.5
  • Feliciano .50
  • Reyes .50
  • Schoeneweis 1.5