Jodi Picoult is Everywhere!

I read this post on Tales from the “Liberry” a couple of weeks ago and now I see Jodi Picoult everywhere. On buses, trains, and planes. On tv, radio, podcasts, and the internet. My wife seems to be reading six differen Picoult books right now, and I’ll see them laying on the floor, peaking out from under the furniture. Every person who has one of her books seems to be holding a book with a different title. So the mysterious Ms. Picoult must be a prolific writer of at least 30-40 novels.

I don’t plan to read any Jodi Picoult books. At this point I’m a little scared too.

4 thoughts on “Jodi Picoult is Everywhere!

  1. I’m with you buddy. Anytime *everyone* is doing something, I steer clear. I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books and I’m not planning on it (well, I did read the first one but in German as practice).


  2. For about the first four years of the Harry Potter phenomenon I was so out of the loop that I thought Harry Potter was the name of the author of the books in Goosebumps series. I apparently got my children’s book crazes confused. Since then I’ve read the Harry Potter books and enjoyed them, so I guess sometimes I do follow the crowd.


  3. Despite Craig’s post here, last night I caught him reading a Jodi Piccoult book.

    Then he presented be with a Piccoult Pod.

    “Look, you fools. You’re in danger. Can’t you see? They’re after you. They’re after all of us. Our wives, our children, everyone. They’re here already. YOU’RE NEXT!”


  4. I was reading Picoult before she was ‘cool’. But, IMO, once you read one of her books you basically feel like you’ve read them all. One is not so different from the next.


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