What type of technology user are you?

According to a quiz from the Pew Internet & American Life Project:

Where do you fit?

Your Results


Based on your answers to the questionnaire, you most closely resemble survey respondents within the Lackluster Veterans typology group. This does not mean that you necessarily fit every group characteristic.

Lackluster Veterans make up 8% of the American public.

Basic Description
Lackluster Veterans have the necessary gadgets for the information age, such as a broadband connection, cell phone, and a digital camera. But the wealth of information and communication technology possessed by Lackluster Veterans does not translate into particularly high levels of satisfaction about gadgets’ impacts on their lives. Although they seem to value internet connectivity, that is less true for cell phones.

Defining Characteristics
Lackluster Veterans do not link ICTs to better personal productivity, their ability to work with others in their community, or keeping up with family and friends. All in all, Lackluster Veterans seem content with surfing the Web or emailing others, but they do not show great inclination to stretch their technology habits to self-expression or mobile media. Very few like the extra-availability that comes with having “always on” broadband access or cell phones.

Who They Are
This group has a median age of 40 and has a lot of online experience, as the typical Lackluster Veteran has been online for about 10 years. Most of them are men – 65% – and they are well educated and comfortably financially. Some 41% are parents of a child under the age of 18.

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