Great Online Tool for Walkers

Just a quick post to share the Gmaps Pedometer. Basically the creators of this tool have modified Google Maps so that one may draw a line on the map and measure distances for walks. Should be very handy for runners and bicyclists as well. Certainly a nice alternative to when I’ve tried to map a route online and have the mapping tool direct me to take an Interstate highway.

4 thoughts on “Great Online Tool for Walkers

  1. More cool mapping tools online:

    Google Maps Street View – No lack of hype for this new Google tool that shows images of streets in several US cities. Boston is apparently in the works.
    If the Earth Were a Sandwich – find out where on the opposite side of the Earth you would come out should you dig a hole straight through the Earth. If you’re digging the proverbial hole to China anywhere in the 48 contiguous states you’ll sadly come out in the Indian Ocean.
    Waymarking – tools for you to catalog, mark­ and visit interesting and useful locations around the world.


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