Dudley-Do-Wright: Mets Player & Pitcher of the Month for May

The second month of the season saw a return to form for the Mets young ballplayer all-around great David Wright. While in the totals (see below) he looks like he’s running away with the lead, it should be note that there’s an overall offensive slump on the squad. Still, this does not take away from young David’s achievement.

Congratulations to David Wright, Mets Player of the Month for May 2007

The Mets Pitcher of the Month and sixth overall point receiver is Oliver Perez, the young pitcher who is proving his success is not a fluke and appears to be a burgeoning ace.

Congratulations to Oliver Perez, may you receive many more Pitcher of the Month Awards


Here are the complete Player of the Game tallies for May:

Wright 30.5
Delgado 23
Beltran 20.5
LoDuca 20
Reyes 17
Perez 16.5
Chavez 14
Easley 14
Glavine 13
Green 12.5
Gotay 7.5
Heilman 6.5
Newhan 6.5
Smith 6.5
Sosa 6
Maine 5.5
Wagner 5.5
Hernandez 5
Feliciano 4.5
Schoeneweis 4
Alou 3.5
Franco 3.5
Burgos 3
Gomez 2.5
Mota 2.5
Castro 1.5
Johnson 1
Pelfrey 1

And a running total for the season through May 31:

Reyes 48.5
Wright 43.5
Beltran 42.5
Delgado 35
Green 34
LoDuca 26.5
Perez 26
Glavine 22.5
Alou 21.5
Chavez 19
Easley 18
Hernandez 18
Maine 17.5
Smith 14.25
Valentin 12
Heilman 10
Schoeneweis 10
Castro 8
Wagner 8
Franco 7.5
Gotay 7.5
Newhan 7.5
Feliciano 7.25
Sosa 6
Sele 5.5
Burgos 5
Gomez 2.5
Mota 2.5
Pelfrey 1.5
Johnson 1

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