Somerville Madonnas

One of the charms (“chahhms?”) of Somerville are the displays of devotional art in many residents’ yards, gardens, and sometimes even incorporated into the architecture of a house.  The statues are usually a Madonna in a tub-like niche (a “Virgin on the half shell” as my old roommate called them), but there are plenty of Josephs, Francises of Assisi, and even Jesus Christs to go around.

A public defender named Josh Michtom is working on a project to photography religious statues in yards and houses throughout Somerville. He’s documenting his work online at Somerville Madonnas. The Somerville News and the Bostonist have each written about the project recently. Currently, Michtom is displaying 28 of his photographs at the Paradise Lounge gallery in Boston. “Somerville Madonnas: Photographs of Religious Iconography” runs through July 20.

2 thoughts on “Somerville Madonnas

  1. Do you remember the Madonnas in Stamford — especially the one next door at our last house — one of you called her “Our Lady of the Woodpile”.


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