Bunker Hill Day

Today is Bunker Hill Day (observed), a legal holiday for government employees in Boston.  Since I don’t work for the government I had to go to work, but figure it’s a day worth mentioning.

Mass Moments recounts the battle and its commeration with the Bunker Hill Monument, a granite obelisk I see each and every day (and enjoy climbing).  Unfortunately, Mass Moments repeats the old canard about the battle really being fought on Breeds Hill.  This fact always seems to be related by someone in a know-it-all tone which really misrepresents the significance of the battle or the topography involved, and thus annoys me.  Breeds Hill is basically an arm of Bunker Hill and the two are adjacent so the preoccupation with defining them as different locations is really overstated.

Boston 1775 makes some great points on the issue in the post What Do We Call the Battle of Bunker Hill, then follows up with Bunker Hill “By Some Mistake?”:

Yesterday I noted the ongoing little kerfuffle over whether it would be more accurate to call the Battle of Bunker Hill the “Battle of Breed’s Hill.” We can do that, I figure, right after we change the name of the Battle of Gettysburg to the “Battle of lots of places all around Gettysburg, but not, you know, right in the middle of town.” It might be a little more accurate, but it wouldn’t really be worth it.

Other Boston 1775 posts about Bunker Hill include:

So there’s your historical reading assignments for this momentous day.  You’ll thank me later.

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