Some news that acknowledges that the internet is not death to libraries as we know it!

Good Circulation by Eric Moskovitz, Boston Globe, July 29, 2007.

Library directors remember the talk, not long ago, of technology rendering libraries obsolete. But statistics show that the opposite has occurred.

Over the past decade, library circulation has climbed, driven partly by demand for audiovisual materials and enabled by the Internet, which has allowed patrons to easily scan catalogs from home and request interlibrary loans with a few mouse clicks.

Lots of good stuff about Interlibrary Loan in this article, a service I provide at my academic library where I work and use often at my public library through the Minuteman Library Network. There’s also a place to leave comments about your public library, so if you have something good to say, get to it!

One thought on “Finally!

  1. In related news Mary Carmen Chimato waxes eloquently about research indicating increased usage of Interlibrary Loan in This Just In: ILL is Important!.

    I could wax on and on about ILL for hours, but the bottomline of this paper is that ILL activity is increasing and the trend will probably continue. Now why do I find this significant and important? I have worked for several libraries where the administration really wanted and expected ILL to generate revenue or at the very least cost-recovery. I never agreed with this idea. Partly because the libraries I worked at were typically net lenders and did very little borrowing so there was never an even equation. Most of the lending was with libraries and institutions that we had reciprocal agreements with so we rarely charged for the service. I always felt that expecting a profit sort of flew in the face of the spirit of the service. It really isn’t about making money. It’s about providing the patron with the resource and providing that resource as quickly as possible.


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