Feast of the Transfiguration

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration, based on a story related in all the synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Luke, and Mark. Jesus climbs Mount Tabor with Peter, John, and James to pray. While there he is transfigured, his face and appearance change, and Moses and Elijah appear to be speaking with him. This leads to the best part in which Peter, who is always so good at not getting (and thus a good representative for all us humans) wakes up and sees this happening.

Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep,
but becoming fully awake,
they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.
As they were about to part from him, Peter said to Jesus,
“Master, it is good that we are here;
let us make three tents,
one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”
But he did not know what he was saying.

This is Camping with Jesus, as Susan describes it. Of course, as much as I love outdoors activity and feel the presence of Christ in a tent on a mountain, this story is actually about the Resurrection. A sneak preview, you could call it, presented to an exclusive audience. This is a moment of revelation, of the Glory of Christ, in which God the Father says “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.” And so we do on this feast day which is one of my favorites as we do every day.

More on the Transfiguration of the Lord from one of my favorite theological thinkers (or as they say in Ireland “teological tinkers”) Baptized Pagan who posted about this last year. Father Lasch and Saint of the Day also offer insights on the scriptures and the feast.