I’m not sure if I count

According to Outsidein.com and reported on Boston.com, Boston is the bloggiest city in the US. I’m not sure if this includes the metro area or just Boston proper. If the latter, I don’t count because I don’t live in the city of Boston (yet).

I think it would be cool if the features of social networking tools like Facebook that allow you to see what other people are doing could be integrated with weblogs.  Then you could customize your own mega-blog that shows all the posts by bloggers in your neighborhood or from all your friends’ blogs.  I mean this more than just a feed reader like Bloglines, put a personalized, multi-author blog that automatically republishes from multiple sources on one page.  Then you could have the option of allowing your customized mega-blog viewable by others. Perhaps you could even make an uber-blog of all the blogs in Boston which may be fun to watch for a while to see all the posts popping-up in real time.  It would be an interesting way of getting a cross-section of a community

There would be some things to consider before this could be operable. First, should people have to opt-in before their content is republished on another site?  This is already an issue that I expect will remain contentious in online communities.  The other issue is how to bring together content from various different platforms that people use to blog and present it an effective and appealing manner.

I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this doesn’t already exist, or is at least in the works.

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure if I count

  1. It sounds like it would surprise you then to hear that you’re already aggregated on such a mega-blog: my own ‘Somerplanet’ (http://mterry.name/somerplanet/).

    It’s my own nascent attempt at an aggregator for residents of Somerville (it only has a small, small cross-section of people — mostly blogs with geotag’d sites). The criteria for inclusion have also stymied me, because it’s not clear that being wholly inclusive is good (a lot of blogs are designed soley for friends + families, not for general consumption). Right now the process is manual, and I haven’t added anyone in a while.

    There’s also a megablog for my friends (http://mterry.name/planet/), which I only bring up because you also mentioned such a thing.

    The software to run this is hosted at http://www.planetplanet.org/ though the version I run is actually a successor project called Venus. I believe it does not yet have an official release.

    I got the idea after hearing about a Planet Munich, though I can’t find it now. I don’t think opt-in works great, because relying on everyone in Somerville to stumble across such a site seems doomed.

    Maybe the aggregator should notify any new additions so they can opt-out if desired.


  2. Hi Michael. Thanks for posting.

    I actually remember now seeing Somerplanet a while back so my “idea” is really just my subconscious memory of what you’ve already done. Thanks for your work and suggestions. It good to see that this type of thing is already in the making.

    I’m adding Somerplanet to my blogroll.


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