Mets Review in Haiku

I’ve given up the burden of trying to make weekly posts about the Mets, and I’m sure that there’s no one out there dying to see my comments and players of the game.  So expect my Mets commentary will be much more spare for the rest of the season.  Here’s a summary of the series played from July 23-August 12 in verse.

John Maine hits one deep
LoDuca makes the Bucs weep
But the Mets can’t sweep.

I just can’t see how
The last place team from DC
Can split with the Mets?

Tom Glavine on the mound
Win 300 on the line
Oops! Bullpen blows it!

Deadline comes and goes
Omar works the phones and gets
Luis Castilo

Wrigley Field is not
Foreign when ten years a Fish.
Joe Morgan is dumb.

The second place team
Looks much better than the Mets.
I hate Chipper Jones

Runners left on base
The bullpen is a disgrace
Fish take two of three.

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