Last night while Susan and I were bringing in shopping from the car and taking out the trash and recycling we saw a skunk skulking about the streets. It seemed upset because it keep making unhappy chirping noises. We gave it wide birth because you don’t want to get too close to an agitated skunk. I also noticed that the skunk had a pronounced limp.

This morning I figured this nocturnal creature had gone off somewhere to catch some z’s, but as I walked to the bus stop there it was skipping down the sidewalk…

…and heading straight to the nearby elementary school!

I figure a gimpy skunk and school children would make a great story. Perhaps a horror film:

Skunks in a School

Or similarly, a Boston Herald headline:


Rampaging Rodent Terrorizes Somerville Kids

Democrat Pols Could Have Stopped Skunk Menace But Chose Not To

But really I think it would work best as a heartwarming children’s book:

Skippy the Skunk

One day a sad skunk limps into school, and after an initial fright, becomes the school mascot as children rally together to save him from pest control. Then Skippy bites one of the children teaching them all a valuable lesson about rabies and why wild animals should remain wild.

I do feel a little bit guilty though. Should I have warned someone at the school that an unhappy skunk was in the neighborhood?

Friday Sillies: Superman is a what?

I don’t read comic books.  Okay I guess I do read graphic novels, but comic books were never my style even when I was a boy.  Maybe I’ll get into them in old age.  Regardless, when I discovered Superdickery a couple of years ago, I laugh uproariously for page after page.  The basic jist of this website is that Superman is often depicted as being manipulative, selfish, and just plain mean.  Several galleries of comic book covers are put forth as evidence.  There are other galleries of comic book covers that have double entendres (intentional or not), propaganda, weird science, gorillas, and ones that are just plain bizarre.

While comics may be for kids, Superdickery most definitely is not, so be warned.